Research in STEM Education

Institute staff work with faculty members conducting research on ways to improve upon the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of STEM majors at CSUEB. Two initiatives currently underway are:

Implementing Interdisciplinary and Innovative Teaching and Learning (i3) Project

An interdisciplinary faculty team is creating an academy to promote interdisciplinary and innovative teaching and learning. Core faculty are designing assignments and activities promoting critical thinking, reinforcing cross- cutting concepts in science, and applying high-impact learning practices through the integration of reading, writing, and information literacy in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and environmental sciences.

Faculty collaborators are: Caron Inouye, College of Science, Biology; Danika LeDuc, College of Science, Chemistry; Jeff Seitz, College of Science, Earth & Environmental Science; Jason Singley, College of Science, Physics; Erica Wildy, College Science, Biology; Sarah Nielsen, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, English; and Aline Soules, Library.

Keck/Project Kaleidoscope Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative with AAC&U

CSU East Bay is one of 30 campuses from across the nation working with the Association of American Colleges and Universities looking at what works in undergraduate STEM education, sharing materials about lessons learned and adaptable practices, and gaining assistance for local efforts to build a curriculum and culture supportive of interdisciplinary.

The work across institutions is facilitated through a coordinated series of meetings, consultations, discussions, and other activities, all orchestrated by a project team of leading agents of change within the undergraduate STEM community. The measurable outcomes of this project are determined on two levels: on the success of participating campuses in setting a clear vision for interdisciplinary and in making demonstrable progress toward realizing that vision; and on the success of PKAL to document, analyze, and disseminate materials about what works in facilitating interdisciplinary learning which will continue to inform efforts within the broader community of stakeholders. Learn more

CSUEB Collaborators include: Caron Inouye, College of Science; Chung-Hsing Ouyang, College of Science; Sue Opp, AVP, Academic Programs; Carolyn Nelson, Dean, College of Education and Allied Studies; Jeanette Bicais, College of Education and Allied Studies; Michael Leung, Dean, College of Science; and Stephanie Couch, Institute for STEM Education.