One of the Institute’s first achievements is the development of the Gateways East Bay STEM Network – a leadership hub for regional stakeholders who are working together to improve educational outcomes (pre-K through 20) in STEM education across Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Goals for the network are to:

  • Increase interest and competencies among all K-14 California students in STEM disciplines, with an emphasis on critical thinking, hands-on learning, problem-based approaches and the use of information technologies.
  • Ensure all California students are college and career-ready and increasing the number of students who are pursuing STEM-related degrees and careers.
  • Build a network that connects employers, educators, policymakers, funders and businesses, leverages California’s STEM assets and develops new capacity to innovate, scale and sustain effective STEM teaching and learning through collaboration and resource-sharing.

Leadership for the Network and its initiatives are provided by Institute and its staff/volunteers. This dual STEM leadership role on campus and in the larger community has enabled the Institute to connect with other educators who can help grow and scale effective STEM programs and practices developed and incubated in the Institute.

Programs developed and led by faculty and staff who are affiliated with the Institute include:


Gateways East Bay STEM Network

Hayward Promise Neighborhood

Integrated Middle School Science Partnership (IMSS)

Math Achievement Academies (MAA)

Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA)

STEM Education Career Awareness Day

East Bay Science Project